Three Weeks in Squirrels September 30, 2014

Three weeks in squirrels

We're long overdue for a squirrel news update, and there's a lot to report!

Five amazing squirrel facts!

natgeoI won’t spoil all the fun, but my favorite is the fact that some squirrels hang fungi out to dry, essentially making mushroom “jerky” – gross (I hate mushrooms) but awesome. Read the facts here.

Ahoy, Matey

Why is this squirrel paddling around in the shallows of this beach in Wales? No idea.

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Controversial squirrel rescue causes more controversy

graceLast time I reported on Grace the disabled squirrel who a family had rescued and raised without a wildlife permit. Social media helped concerned folks get attention for this issue. The squirrel was seized by the state and brought to a wildlife rehab center. What is unclear is what will happen if Grace cannot be released back into the wild. Petitioners claim that in that case, the state will euthanize her instead of return her to her rescuers. Read about it here.

 Many power outages

A squirrel snuck into the substation in Hudson, NY, leaving thousands without power. An identical situation occurred in Hutchinson, KS, making me wonder if the squirrels are in cahoots. A squirrel in La Grande, Oregon only inconvenienced 160 people when he caused a short in the power line. Marietta, Ohio experienced a “large” power outage that affected 270 customers.

Rock Hill, SC, Siloam Springs, AR, Edmonds, WA, Longview, WA, Torrington, WY, and Portage La Prairie in Canada also reported squirrel-related power outages in recent days.

Perhaps you wonder what happens to the squirrel when it sneaks into the substation. Answer: it’s not good. They end up getting…a bit crispy. Redding, CA isn’t afraid to show us

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Squirrel VS…

A snake

snakeUm, not for those with sensitive stomachs. A person captured video of a snake eating a squirrel. Fascinating, but a bit disturbing.

Their Own Heads

Baby squirrels have big heads, which means if they fall out of their nests, they often land face first and mess up their teeth. How do you fix squirrel teeth? Learn more about baby squirrel dental problems and rehabilitation at WildCare here!

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Tree Trimmers

A baby squirrel in Florida was injured by a tree trimmer and needed part of her tail amputated. To the tree trimmers’ credit, they checked the tree for nests before they began their work (as all tree trimmers should!!!), but the baby was in a nook of the tree, not in her nest. A wildlife rescue reports the squirrel is recovering.

In an example of tree trimmers NOT checking for nests, bad practice sent a squirrel nest to the ground, causing this momma squirrel to have to relocate her three babies.

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A Weasel

weaselA photographer in Washington State captured this intense fight between a ground squirrel and a weasel. There were no fatalities.

A plague of fleas

Ground squirrels in San Diego tested positive for the plague. Note that fleas can bite squirrels and then bite YOU, and plague can be transmitted through contact with infected animals. Oh, and you really don’t want to get the plague, so please don’t cuddle the squirrels.

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Hunting Corner

Note! I don’t advocate squirrel hunting (I’m a tree-hugging vegetarian)! I just report the squirrel news, and hunting squirrels is happening now.

Is Hunting Bad for Squirrels?

DNRScientists in Minnesota will be examining the effects of hunting on the local squirrel population. Squirrels will be fitted with radiotelemetry collars in areas where squirrels are or are not hunting, and look at the impact of hunting on squirrel mortality.

Eating Squirrels

The World Championship Squirrel Cook Off has come and gone, alas. If you didn’t attend, don’t feel bad, more than 5000 people did.

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A celebrity chef I’ve never heard of caused a ruckus when he announced on television that he and his son shoot and eat squirrel.

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Some call them “chicken of the tree”

Would you eat a squirrel burger? The Forest Showcase Food and Drink Festival featured squirrel burgers on their menu. Did they go too far?

Squirrel meat has been described as “tasty” and “like rabbit.”

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50 State Squirrel Hunting Quest

This dude decided his life goal is to hunt squirrel in every state and bag all nine US species. Hopefully he checks the conservation corner on my blog first.

A Man is Mistaken for a Squirrel and Killed

I don’t want to make light of this, because sadly, a man was killed in this hunting accident. But I’m always pretty confused and concerned when a hunter shoots a person and claims they thought they were some very small animal? Perhaps there should be a “trigger happy” screening before you get a hunting license?

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Conservation Corner

San Bernardino flying squirrel

US Fish and Wildlife has finally relented to folks who put together a petition in 2010 to protect the San Bernardino flying squirrel. This rarely seen squirrel is limited in its ability to expand by its habitat preferences, and are threatened by climate change and habitat loss due to humans.

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Delmarva fox squirrel

As one squirrel arrives to protected status, another species graduates. The Delmarva fox squirrel has made an amazing recovery after 50 years of endangered species protection.

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Mount Graham red squirrel

Only around 300 of these Arizonian squirrels are left – and the Phoenix zoo is starting a breeding program to try to help them out.

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Crime Corner

In a “what the heck is wrong with people” moment, someone put a shot and mutilated squirrel in a woman’s mailbox in New York State. And on that happy note, I sign off...




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