April in squirrels…and beyond

It's been over a month since I updated you on squirrel news, and it appears that squirrels have been very busy since then.

Squirrel Damages

The historical Derby Summer House in Massachussetts is in critical state, due to damage ccaused by squirrel chewing. Subsequent water damage and squirrel poo equals over $200K in repairs needed to be done.

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Squirrels also seem to like a Nebraska City building that houses the passport office and juvenile services. Nests and squirrel poo were found above the ceilings throughout the building, leading to a major cleanup and remodel.

A house fire near Chicago was caused by a burning squirrel nest in the attic: was the squirrel drunk and smoking in the nest?

A driver swerved to avoid a cat chasing a squirrel and hit a fire hydrant. No word on if the cat or squirrel were okay.

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People were not so lucky in Florida, where a squirrel caused four car pile-up and a death, after a driver stopped in traffic to avoid hitting the rodent.

Squirrel-related deaths in history: 60 years ago a boy was killed by squirrel poison on a Northern California island.

Adding to the list of diseases that squirrels may carry (such as West Nile and the Plague…) squirrels have now been identified as carriers of Lyme disease. And this is just one reason you should not pet wild squirrels!

Squirrels and Crime

Squirrel situation “goetz” Bernie into trouble

Bernard Goetz, the “subway vigilante,” seems to be in constant trouble with the law. Now he’s in trouble for having multiple “pet” squirrels running around his apartment, after neighbors complained about moths and clutter from rotten food inside. However, it sounds like Goetz may claim the squirrels serve in some form of “support animal” capacity.

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Terrorist “Squirrel”?

A man, who told police his name is Squirrel, threatened to blow up the IRS building in Miami. Oh, Florida.

Drugs and squirrels

In Indiana, three folks were arrested for possession of methamphetamines, heroin, and…a squirrel.

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Squirrel prevents mail delivery

A postal worker refused to deliver a woman’s mail because of a squirrel hanging out on the front porch. The postal service sent a letter suggesting the woman needed to take care of the squirrel if she wanted her mail.

The postal service later rescinded its threat and said the mail would be delivered, squirrel or no squirrel.

Police Blotters

A man in Niceville, FL called the police to report a theft of his squirrel trap.

A woman in Grass Valley, NV called police to report that a squirrel was chasing her and her son.

A man in Wisconsin Rapids called police to report someone had placed a dead squirrel in his mailbox.

Power outages

Squirrel-related power outages were reported in Gloucester, MAChicago, ILCorpus Christi, TXSanta Clara, CALafayette, INMadison, WIThe Forks, ManitobaMazeppa, MinnesotaSaline, MI, and Bartlesville, OK.

Animal control

Animal control was called in Washington DC to remove a squirrel from someone’s kitchen.

In Riverside, residents are addressing whether the invasive fox squirrel should be considered pests, petitioning the recent city council decision to allow them to be killed if they are causing “damage to property or crops.”

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Who are the squirrel trappers of the world? Ever wondered what it’s like to work in pest control? Read more!

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Squirrels in “clothing”

Should squirrels wear clothes? If you’re in Manhattan in the next few days, you can see photos of the famous Tommy Tucker, a squirrel who posed in clothes, at Daniel Cooney Fine Art.

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If you’re a pet squirrel (sorry), even a cabbage leaf might do as an outfit.

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Squirrels seeking help

Squirrels might be smart, but sometimes they need human help. This squirrel got his teeth stuck in a bird feeder, and needed to be knocked out to extract him from the situation. Luckily, he was released, only slightly worse for the wear.

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icecreamA woman found a squirrel stuck between her screen door and sliding glass door. He was freed without injury.

This squirrel got his head stuck in an ice cream cup, but managed to free himself.
Ambulance services in the UK are asking people to not call them to tend to dead squirrels. Because this happened.

A tree cutter found two baby squirrels after cutting down a diseased tree. He said they were “trying to contact their mother” (wonder how that works?) to come and retrieve them.

Hunting corner

Squirrel vs. Hawk: Sometimes people think squirrels have it easy, getting handouts from humans, but they are prey animals (even on college campuses). Watch this beautiful video of a hawk hunting a squirrel. Spoiler: the squirrel triumphs.

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New to town? Why not bust out your bow and arrow and start shooting squirrels for dinner? Because that led a new resident of Ohio to get a visit from the police

An endangered red squirrel in the UK was apparently shot with an air rifle, which does not make anyone happy.

Squirrels and sports

A squirrel tried to climb into a golf bag during the Players Championship. Why not?

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This week in cute

A yawning squirrel

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A sunning squirrel

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A squirrel trying to eat a tomato

Rescued babies

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Squirrel lifting weights

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Conservation corner

Have you seen the San Bernadino flying squirrel? If so, the US Forest System would like to know!

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Red squirrels in the UK appear to be making a comeback, due to attempts to preserve their habitat, and reduce numbers of the invasive gray squirrels, who both compete for resources with the reds, and give them squirrelpox.

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Research corner

A researcher in Canada is studying the personalities of young red squirrels, finding two extremes in temperament – either bold or fearful – when they are young, but squirrels tend to move toward less extreme personalities as they age.

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