Friday Faves May 2, 2014

Dogs rolling in stinky worms

Do dogs just like to roll in stinky stuff for olfactory camouflage? Or is there something more complex going on? An alternative hypothesis suggests that worms might use our pets to gain their own more of this fascinating idea here.

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The male gaze might not be so harmless

Women, but not men, are sensitive to how and when they are being watched, and talk less when they think they are being objectified by men (when their body, rather than their face is focused on). The experimental manipulation is a bit artificial, but the findings are fascinating. Read about it here.

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Feeding patterns in felines

It's always nice to see more cat related research getting some attention. This study, summarized nicely by Companion Animal Psychology, suggested that cats natural pack on some weight during the winter months, and eat less in the peak of summer, while overall maintaining a constant weight. This indicates that cats may have energy needs that change with changes in their environment. Read more here.

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Deceptive Drongos

drongoI'm always up for a "naughty bird" story. These songbirds will give a false alarm call to scare off other birds that are eating. The other birds panic and fly away, leaving their snack behind for the drongo to snatch up and eat. Read about it!




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