Friday Faves December 13

Every Friday, some of my favorite news stories of the previous week!

Making dog farts less stinky

It felt like waiting an eternity, but Julie Hecht of Dog Spies has returned with Dog Farts Part 2! This time around, hard evidence on reducing stinkiness of dog farts. You know they say you study your own pathology...

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Chameleon colors predict aggression

It's a pretty common fact that chameleons change colors, but how they change colors before and during fights can actually predict who is likely to win!

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David Stephens - cooperation in blue jays

photo by Ken Thomas, Wikimedia Commons
photo by Ken Thomas, Wikimedia Commons

Stephens has done some incredible work on foraging and cognition in food-storing animals. Now he has shown that by delaying rewards (and increasing patience) you can also increase cooperation in blue jays.










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