Friday Faves December 6 2013

Every Friday (more or less), sharing some of my favorite news stories of the week!

What are dog farts made of?
Wherein scientists put fart suits on dogs in order to determine the chemical composition and stinkiness of dog farts. What I'd like to know is: what makes some dogs more "fart-prone" in the first place? How did they choose subjects for the study? ("Wanted: Highly Flatulent Dogs")? Read all about it here:

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Is it a snore? Is it a burp? It’s a male koala trying to attract a mate
Koalas have a special organ that helps them create this really crazy sound. Researchers theorize it may be used for individual recognition, sizing up your competition, or for attracting lady koalas. Read more here.

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Signalers vs. strong silent types
New findings suggest that some sparrows give warnings before attacking, announcing their "intentions", while others attack without signaling.


When elephants are aggressive but fish just bite
On why it's so hard for scientists to agree on how to measure animal personality - I agree with this article - that background information can be helpful to predict behavior, and that multiple approaches may be best! What do you think?

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