Friday Faves February 14, 2014

Social versus stinky?

In the animal kingdom, if you are vulnerable, you have a few options. Two of them: hang out with others (safety in numbers) OR BE STINKY!  Being smelly was favored by nocturnal animals that need protection from predators. What's my excuse? Read about the study here.

Side note: One of the authors is named "Stank"owich.

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Speaking of stinky....

So turns out that cow burps NOT farts are what cause a crazy release of methane gases, which likely caused that German explosion a few weeks back. Thankfully, my equally flatulence-obsessed pal DogSpies is on the case, with her guest blog post from dairy cow expert, Priya Motupalli.

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Crocs climb trees

Scientists found crocodiles in trees! The smaller the crocodile, the more likely they were to climb higher. They likely do so to take inventory of the territory or just bask in the sun. This might terrify some, but I find it pretty cute. Perhaps because I don't live in crocodile country. Read more here!

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