Friday Faves February 28, 2014

Early-life isolation leads to cognitive deficits in cows

Separating calves from their cow friends may lead to social awkwardness, have less coping skills and makes it harder for them to solve problems. Read more about the study.

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Someone should study why cat studies lead to dumb headlines

I was pleased to see someone else tear apart this study (and the subsequent media response) on whether one in three cat bites lead to hospitalization. Plus "Worms & Germs" is a great title for a blog! Check it out!

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Why do we love "stuff"?

Anthropomorphism: it's not just for animals anymore. Have you ever felt bad for a shirt you never wear? Or worried about whether your stuffed animals were comfortable? Not only do we become attached to objects, but we project emotional states onto them! A neat look at how this topic has been examined can be found here.

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