Friday Faves January 10, 2014

The amazing staying power of squirrel nests

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Ever wondered what happens in a squirrel nest? I think about it a lot! I'd like to know if there are beer cans and chocolate bars in there, and I'd love to take a peek and squee at some baby squirrels. But I also think about squirrels in their dreys at the top of barren trees, whenever the wind gets crazy here. Are squirrels getting blown out of trees? Turns out NO - those nests are built to last! Malcolm Campbell digs deep and tells us all about it here!

Decoding the Prairie Dog Jump-Yip

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What is a jump-yip? A new dance move? A fancy cocktail? No, it's a signal that prairie dogs use to maintain awareness of group vigilance. At least that's the current theory. Regardless, it's a ridiculously cute behavior that merits a closer look, here...

Dolphin mom to be may be talking to her baby...before he's born

Bella, a captive dolphin, is making pre-birth baby-whistles, suggesting that imprinting and communication may happen while baby dolphins are still in the womb. (PS she gave birth to a baby boy yesterday!) Read all about it!

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