Friday Faves January 17, 2014

Helping in rats is learned, not hard-wired

Nice write up of a study that found that albino rats would help struggling rats (by freeing them from a cell they were trapped in) of a different strain, but only if they'd been socialized with them; they will free rats of the same strain, regardless if they are a familiar or a stranger.

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 Animals don't need to squeeze the Charmin

I often enjoy a good read about pooping, peeing or farting. Now, thanks to this wonderful blog post by Marc Bekoff, I know how our buttocks get in the way of staying clean, and why cats don't need to wipe.

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Red Pandas: I know they are cute, but I learned some new things about them here

I also knew they are not pandas, but I didn't know about their eating habits, their vocalizations, or how cheese factories were endangering them. Read all about the adorbs red panda here.

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