Friday Faves May 30, 2014

You study...what?

dogspiesOne of my favorite blogs out there, Dog Spies, comes through just in time for Friday Faves. How people react when you tell them you study...dogs??????? Is that a science?


YES! Animal behavior/cognition is science!

Image via Dog Spies!

Dog People, Cat People...are we so different?

I was excited to hear about this talk at the recent Association for Psychological Science conference but sad I didn't get to see it. I have a personal interest in this subject (and a soon to be published study on this very topic, I hope). The few studies that have been done looking at those who identify as a "Cat Person" or a "Dog Person" seem to converge on the same findings...we are not exactly the same...

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A historical look at cats in Anglo-Saxon England

Source of fur? Rodent control? Pet? Or all of the above? It appears that cats served in multiple roles in the 5th to 11th centuries in England. Researchers used archaeological and written records to explore the role of the domesticated cat. Companion Animal Science did a lovely summary of the article, but you can also read the original paper thanks to OPEN ACCESS!

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