Friday Faves July 18, 2014

From the trenches at CSF/FSF

There's an exciting conference happening RIGHT NOW in the UK, the Canine Science Forum (which for the first time, this year, had a Feline Science Forum). Mia Cobb and Julie Hecht (of Do You Believe in Dog & DogSpies fame) are reporting live and storifying their tweets for our reading pleasure!

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"Domestication Syndrome"

Domestication causes animals to have "cuter" features - floppier ears, bigger eyes, white patches, and smaller jaws - even in birds and fish! Scientists are now testing a unifying theory that selection for these features may be related to early developmental changes in the embryo that are also related to adrenal functioning, which in turn may reduce fearful behavior. Read more here!

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How do we deal with our robotic future?

robotsThere's a lot more to life with robots than meets the eye. Should life-like robots have legal rights? Should we give child-like sex robots to pedophiles to prevent child sexual abuse? Should robots be armed? Should we use them to replace things that humans usually do (like teach children)? Read more about the legal discussion recently held on the UC Berkeley campus here.




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