Friday Faves June 20, 2014

An unusual fashion style

Assassin bugs, as you might guess from their name, kill other bugs. But some species take it to the next level, sucking the corpses of their victims dry, and wearing them - often MANY of them! These corpses function as both visual and olfactory camouflage, and may offer some physical protection as well. Fascinating! Read more here.

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Spiders are eating fish everywhere (except Antarctica)

spidersOne zoologist has discovered that fish-eating is found in spiders around the world (they'll also eat snails, worms and bats!). They wait, pounce and then pump the fish full of neurotoxins, and then later, digestive enzymes. Fascinating and scary!



How do bats fly?

Some would say "very carefully." Bats are the only mammals that fly and they do so with the aid of special muscles in their wings. Bio-roboticists are studying this ability in more detail with some awesome slo-mo video!

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