Friday Faves November 7, 2014

Stress makes birds friendlier

Feeding corticosterone (a stress hormone) to zebra finches had the opposite effect of what scientists expected - it made the birds MORE social, but those "friendships" were more fleeting than those exhibited by control birds, who spent more time with family and closer friends. Read more about the recently published study here.

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Toxic but beautiful

seaslugThese toxin-releasing sea slugs have dramatic coloring that advertises to other animals - "Don't eat me unless you want a stomach ache." This phenomenon is known as aposematism. Stingers and poisons are a nice alternative to dragging a heavy shell around. Check out these fascinating creatures!



Haunted by the scent of mink

Why did this bridge drive hundreds of dogs to jump off (many to their deaths)? Maybe that excellent sense of smell is a double-edged sword - seems that doggies were diving to follow the strong odor of mink.

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