Friday Faves October 17, 2014

Why is there an alpaca in my grocery store?

What is the deal with emotional support animals? For the record, they are not the same thing as a service animal - but there's a lot of confusion about what is allowed and what isn't - and it's easy to fake a letter. Patricia Marx goes undercover and explores what happens when you bring a "therapy turtle" to a museum. Read here!

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Crocodiles team up to eat you

In case you weren't terrified enough of crocodiles, science keeps suggesting these scary creatures and their close relatives are smarter than we think. Tool use, parental care and sophisticated communication have all been demonstrated in crocodilian species, and a new study suggests teamwork to catch prey. AWESOME!

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Is love forever? (with your dog)

DogSpies is at it again with a review of a recent study exploring how people's dogs are described in their owner's obituaries.

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Fish don't see reflection as a rival

Mirrors are used in many studies of animal aggression, assuming that the animal's behavioral reactions are due to them thinking their reflection is another animal. A new finding challenges those previous findings by demonstrating that the displays of cichlids are clearly different w hen facing another fish than their reflection. Read about it here.

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