Friday Faves October 3, 2014

Baby fish babbling

"Babbling" is the first stage of language development in humans in which infants make sounds that are considered pre-linguistic and practice for future chatting. Babbling has been found in several other animal species (including bats, monkeys and parrots), and now maybe in fish? Turns out that baby snapper (larvae) make "knocking" sounds that adults also use, which function to keep fish together in their schools. Read more here.

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Dogs controlled by video

dogtvWhen a dog sees a life-sized video of a person, do they think they see a human? Short answer, yes. Long answer - DOGSPIES IS ON IT! Awesome review of the research, so check it out!

Angry birds

I'm always looking for the opportunity to use the term "pugnacious" - which is the perfect term to describe steamer ducks, who seem to love to beat up (and even kill) other ducks. It's not clear to scientists what these ducks are so angry about, but they are big and physically built for fighting. Read all about these grumpy game, these foul fowl, these furious feathered creatures here!

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