Friday Faves September 5, 2014

You can learn to love brown rice

Well it looks like the methods may be a little sketchy, but a small study suggests that people can learn to see healthy food as rewarding (and show less reward response in the brain to things like donuts and cookies). Can't we have it both ways? I love brown rice AND donuts.

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Let insects do your work

Collecting blood from birds and bats can be stressful to them; so why not let an expert do the job? Scientists have started using "kissing bugs" to suck blood from animals, then collecting the undigested and uncontaminated blood from the crop of the insect. So cool! Oh and hey written by one of my research mentors, Yao-Hua Law!

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Even animals love videogames

This cool article by Jason Goldman explores the use of touchscreen technology both to explore animal cognition and as enrichment for captive animals!

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