Friday Faves April 24, 2015

A bee brain is nothing to laugh at

Bees have a pretty complicated problem to solve: figure out which flowers have nectar, and when. Felicity Muth explores the latest research on bee cognition, and as you will see, it's pretty amazing.

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You know you think your dog looks guilty, but...

Does your dog really feel guilty?

Anyone who works with pets and their owners hears this statement MANY times: "He KNOWS he's done something wrong." It turns out that these doggy (and even feline) behavioral cues that many humans interpret as guilt have more to do with the owner's behavior than the pets. "Dog guilty look expert" DogSpies delves deep into this issue! A must read!

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How the chimp crossed the road is just as important as why

Turns out chimps cross roads in ways that increase safety and decrease the chance of getting hit by a car. Leaders organized troops to cross in groups, looking both ways first, and crossing quickly! You can read more here.

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Citizen Science at work! Roadkill reports

Volunteer reports of California roadkill in an online database has helped scientists find the "hotspots" where humans and wildlife are most likely to collide. This data may help with understanding which species are most at risk, enable better planning to save drivers and other animals alike via better signage, fencing and underpasses to keep animals off the road, as well as generate questions for future study, such as how this is impacted by our current drought. Very cool! Read more here.

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