Friday Faves January 9, 2015

Meet the Tarsier - they always look surprised to see you

A tiny, carnivorous primate with big eyes, these nighttime creatures are both cute and vicious. Learn more about them!!

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Monkeys want to see their butts

Unlike humans and some other primates (great apes such as chimps), monkeys don't spontaneously recognize themselves in a mirror. What scientists recently discovered is that with some training, monkeys can figure out they are looking at their own image. Once they figure that out, they show the classic signs of self-recognition, and immediately want to inspect other parts of their bodies - including according to some reports - their booties.

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African wildcats need protection from domestic cats

The domestic cat's closest relative, the African wildcat, looks almost identical to our pet cats. They are so closely related that they can easily interbreed - which is happening in areas where wildcats don't have adequate separation from their domestic buddies. Conservationists are calling for better protected areas, away from both humans and the domestic cats that tend to hang out with humans. Otherwise, it may become difficult to find African wildcats who have not crossbred with domestic cats, putting the species at risk for disappearing.

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