Friday Faves July 17, 2015

Drunk Squirrel Wreaks Havoc

drunksquirrelA squirrel broke into a bar, turned on the beer taps, smashed glasses, ate some potato chips, and took a "walk of shame" the next morning. Brilliant!



Fairy Wrens Learn about Danger

Some birds seem to respond to alarm calls of other species of birds - but how do they know danger is lurking? A new study showed that fairy wrens could associate the presence of a predator overhead with unfamiliar alarm calls - and respond appropriately.

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A Database of Lions

Computers will be able to track and monitor the behavior and movements of lions via its Lion Identification Network of Collaborators and software designed to identify individual lions. This will be easier (and less stressful on the lions) that tagging them with GPS. The goal is to understand how lions access and use resources.

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What's Up With Meat?

I've been a vegetarian for over 25 years, but I still find discussions about why people eat some animals and not others, the environmental impact of the meat industry, and the ethical questions behind eating (or not eating) meat, to be fascinating. @SavorTooth aka Nathanael Johnson, is leading the charge at Grist, for a series of discussions and articles on the complexities of eating other animals.

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