Friday Faves March 20, 2015

How parrots' social lives prep them to mimic humans

Have you ever wondered why parrots tend to copy what their humans say? It has to do with their backgrounds as social birds, where they even have their own "names." Learn about Disco, an amazing parakeet, who knows over 100 phrases, and can even beat-box.

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Oxytocin boosts dogs' love for humans

Like they weren't already overachieving pets, turns out that giving dogs oxytocin (often called the "love hormone" as this molecule facilitates social relations in many mammals) gives their attention to human behavior a boost. Will we start giving our pets "love pills" to make them more affectionate?

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Could you love a robot? Probably.

Research has already suggested that robot dogs may have some of the same positive effects for dementia patients as therapy dogs, and children in another study expressed their "love" for AIBO, the robot dog. Now folks in Japan are holding funerals for robots. Perhaps they should make them more sturdy?

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