Friday Faves October 16, 2015

The cricket equivalent of a box of chocolates?

Male crickets give the female an edible packet of proteins to consume during mating. This sort of "nuptual gift" is fairly common in insects, and may allow physiological and behavioral changes that increase the chance of a successful mating! The longer it takes the female to eat the packet, the better the sperm transfer. Other insects give dead insects or even their own body as part of this pre-nup arrangement, so seems like crickets are getting off pretty easily (no pun intended!).

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Ravens cooperate and remember if you didn't

In a task where ravens had to work together for rewards, many were successful. But cooperation between individuals was enhanced by working with a relative, and with a bird of the opposite sex. Birds who had been cheated were less likely to cooperate with that individual in a later trial.

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Bees can be scroungers

Bees and plants have a good deal going - the plant produces pollen, which the bee loves. In return, the bee pollinates other plants, allowing their future food sources to propagate. Sounds great, except it turns out that some bees are keeping all the pollen to themselves. These "pollen thieves" tend to be smaller, which may influence their ability to deliver pollen to the female flowers. This could have repercussions for several flower and bee species!

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Are tattooed people angry?

A new study suggests that yes, we are. And the more tattoos we have, the angrier we are likely to be. WATCH OUT! But were we angry before or after the tattoos?

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