Friday Faves October 9, 2015 – All Feline Edition

Progress on the Feline Genome

genomeScientists have now sequenced the genomes of 54 kitties, including a few wild species. While the emphasis is on learning more about diseases that are common to cats (and in some cases, also in humans), a larger sampling of cats, and hopefully collecting of other data (like BEHAVIOR) will mean a better understanding of what makes cats cats, and how domestication has shaped their bodies, brains, and behavior.

Can cats make you take your medicine?

We know that cute influences our cognition and increases our focus. Now a company is hoping that it will help you take your pills. Patients with type 2 diabetes  will be send medication reminders alongside cute cat photos in the hopes that it will increase adherence to medication regimens.

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Don't underestimate a man's love for a cat

A man who was accused of stealing a car threatened to jump off a ledge when trapped by police.  By bringing the cat to the man, police were able to negotiate with him to surrender. They let the man see his cat before sending him to jail. Anyone know what happened to the cat?

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What's wrong with this picture?

I found it interesting that an aggressive cat dumped at a shelter made news headlines in Virginia. A woman dumped a cat outside the shelter, which is illegal there. The cat has not been examined by staff, due to aggressive behavior. This brought up so many issues and questions for me that I feel probably merit a separate blog post but - why does the staff not have the tools and training they need to safely examine this cat (AND I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT TONGS)? Does it benefit the shelter and the animals (and the community) to make it a crime to abandon animals? Should they consider a night drop box? Does the shelter know how to reduce and prevent stress in shelter cats? I hope for the best for this kitty, but it doesn't look good.

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