Friday Faves September 4, 2015

#CuteOff focus: the "uncute"

There was a recent craze on twitter to post pics of cute animals, using the hashtag #CuteOff. Despite the tendency for us to find vertebrates cuter than invertebrates (think fuzzy, big eyes, the kinds of things we find cute), there are plenty of examples of cute sponges, jellies, and worms out there in the world! Check them out!

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See the results on twitter here.

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Squirrels steal bird food...and bird calls?

Squirrels are infamous for busting into birdfeeders, but now they are stealing bird calls? Huh? Turns out that when predators are in the area, birds and squirrels join forces to spread the news, even using a similar warning sound to get the message out more effectively.

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Hearts across the animal kingdom

Heart disease: common in humans, rare in the wild. By placing heart monitors on many species and training them to use a treadmill, scientists at UC Santa Cruz have compiled some interesting data on how hearts and heart disease differ across species! Even the laziest lion is an elite athlete compared to most of us desk-bound humans, and your cat's heart is smaller (relatively speaking) than a dogs, because of their stalk-and-rush hunting style. Read more here!

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