Friday Faves March 25, 2016

Dominance: An illusion when it comes to dog-human relationships

domThe always astute John Bradshaw wrote a lovely summary this week as to why trying to assess your relationship with you dog through the lens of a hierarchy is misguided and a possible welfare issue. Read it here!

Could a parrot serve as a witness?

echofascinating story of a parrot who knew too much...while humans have a long history of placing animals on trial, this is a new case questioning whether a talking parrot who had been previously owned by a mob boss could provide court evidence against him.




Prairie Dogs: Cute but deadly

Turns out prairie dogs are top killers of a fellow rodent, the ground squirrel. Although it's not unusual for carnivores to kill other carnivorous species, herbivore-on-herbivore violence is considered rare!

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Eye Candy: Hidden cameras capture beautiful wildlife shots

Just for fun, check out some lovely pics of African wildlife caught by camera traps.



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