Friday Faves September 12, 2014

Why we don't want to be "pigeon-toed"

If you live in the city, you likely see a lot of pigeons, and you likely see a lot of pigeons that could use a pedicure (if they have any toes left). WHY are pigeon feet so wonky? @TetZoo tries to work it out here:

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The short answer, injuries from urban "stuff" - but I think there are still more questions! Why so many pigeons and not other urban birds, like crows?

Read more here, where pigeon experts Dr. Haag-Wackernagel and Dr. Lisa Jaquin discuss how fibers get tangled in pigeon feet and cause all kinds of problems (thanks to SavorTooth for that tip!).

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That bee deserves a promotion

Ever felt like someone at your workplace was standing between you and a better job? Well now we know that honeybees experience the same thing. When the "20%" - those bees that do the majority of foraging - are removed from the colony, less-hardworking bees stepped up to the plate to help the hive survive. This study also used some really cool technology to study bee behavior, there's a movie and more here!!

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Can you unplug?

For most of us, the answer is probably not. Many of us depend on the internet for our work...but we may dream of unplugging, or even not thinking about email for a few hours. This writer took a year off (note that people who take a year off from things like shopping or their job usually have some inordinate amount of privilege to do such things which I always find slightly irritating) from the internet and...WROTE ABOUT IT ON THE INTERNET. So META! But actually, I do like the idea of taking more time away, to think, play, be outside, etc. I SOMETIMES use StayFocusd and Strict Workflow (based on the Pomodoro technique of 25 minutes of work, 5 minutes of play) to turn off distracting websites.

Anyway, read about David Robert's year off here; there was a recent article in the NY Times about the effects of internet breaks on social intelligence that's worth a gander as well.

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