Friday Faves Halloween Edition 2014

Squirrels and pumpkins

Too lazy to carve a Halloween pumpkin this year? Let  a squirrel do it for you!

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pumpkinJust make sure they don't get their head stuck in it.


Bats would go trick or treating together...if they did that sort of thing

Scientists are learning more about the complex social life of different species of bats. Bats move around a lot, but they come back to roost with their BFFs - and some are co-ed while some prefer to hang out with bats of the same sex! These long-lasting relationships could have implications for disease-control and habitat needs. Read more about it here, or go to the source article here (thank you open access!).

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Zombies in real life

Animals (mostly insects) break their way into other animals' brains and control their behavior!! It's not a horror movie! This sh*t happens in nature! Disco snails, ant-decapitating flies, kamikaze crickets and more. Fascinating, and a little disgusting - a must read!!!

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The scariest research ever

Seriously, Science? has compiled some of the most terrifying scientific studies for us, in one convenient place. Exorcisms, ghosts and haunted scrotums (scrota?) throughout!

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