Keeping busy

I'm finally realizing how busy getting a PhD makes you! I'm wrapping up a semi-failed experiment and I'm also about to head to the East Coast for a few days of fun and work in Atlanta, and then off to Melbourne, Florida for the Comparative Cognition Society Conference where I'll be giving a short talk on some of my squirrel research.

But I haven't been too busy to chat with folks about my favorite thing...cats.

wapoI was ABSOLUTELY thrilled to talk with Sadie Dingfelder at the Washington Post about her experience clicker training her cat to sit on her lap. Was the loving response fake because she gave him treats for being loving? NO! I don't know why humans get so hung up on "bribing" cats to do things when we "bribe" humans to do things we want all the time! Alexandra Horowitz also weighs in, just in case you thought dogs were not bribe-able. And why do people treat reinforcing behavior you like as if it were a bad thing?

For the record, I love dark chocolate, especially the Alter Eco Quinoa bar.

tailspetDo you love cat videos? Me too, as long as there are no scary cucumbers. I spoke with Laura Drucker at Tails Pet Magazine about why we love cat videos.




atlasI also spoke with Dan Nosowitz at Atlas Obscura not too long ago about how to talk to your cat (last year I spoke to him about whether squirrels are smart). Some great quotes from my favorite cat scientist, John Bradshaw, as well!



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