This week in squirrels April 21, 2014

Squirrel hunting...reason for concern?

Police in Carboro, NC were concerned when there were reports of drive-by squirrel hunting within city limits. The hunters couldn't be bothered to get out of their car to take a shot at the rodents, and hunting in the city is illegal.

A man in Milford, CT who shot a squirrel in his yard was charged with unlawful discharge of a firearm. An unregistered assault rifle was seized (although that's not what he shot the squirrel with), as well as several large-capacity magazines.


Squirrels cause problems

impaledA dog was impaled on a post after he got distracted and chased a squirrel. Luckily he's okay!


A woman flipped her car to avoid hitting a squirrel. The car hit a telephone pole, but the driver only suffered minor injuries.



You can't afford me

A squirrel caused over 300K in damages at a community center in Indiana, by chewing through wires and causing a power surge that blew out the heating and A/C system. The squirrel died at the scene.


Squirrels and Sports

Squirrel mascots

mascotsSeveral sports teams proudly flaunt their love for our favorite rodent - by making them their team mascot! See the list here.





Sciurus interruptus

baseballThe latest baseball trend isn't steroids or the instant replay challenge, it's squirrels running across the field. Some think it's good luck (the Cardinals, who put the rally squirrel on their world series ring), some think it's bad (the Phillies, who seem to lose every time a squirrel interrupts their game), and I think it's just amusing. See the  video here.





Squirrels may have ruined Easter last year, but not this year!



Folks in Muncie had to change their yearly Easter egg hunt for kids and dogs - last year, plastic eggs were filled with dog treats - which were promptly stolen by the park's squirrels (human thieves stole the coins that were prizes for kids). This year, only paper slips were placed in the eggs - which could be redeemed for prizes.



Squirrels vs cars

Sometimes they win - squirrels nesting in a wheel arch are rescued by a mechanic:

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And sometimes they don't...more than 60% of urban squirrel deaths can be attributed to cars. Great article on the uncertain life of the squirrel by Malcolm Campbell.

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Elusive and endangered

Reports of sightings of the red squirrel in the UK are lower than ever, due in large part to the gray squirrel's increasing success in their shared environment.

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I think the squirrel still wins



If you feed birds, you probably feed squirrels. This squirrel had to go the distance to get those nuts at the bottom of the feeder, and while he might have fallen in the feeder, I'm sure he still ate the nuts that were at the bottom.





And this week's awwww

A baby squirrel is rescued after she fell out of a tree and broke her ankle.

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huffAnd this NYC man lets squirrels hide nuts in his home. Read about it here.




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