Starting off 2016 with A LOT OF SQUIRRELS

If squirrels had body image issues…

They’d be in trouble because the hot topic on the internet these days is FAT SQUIRRELS. Folks, they need to store up for a long, lean time…let them get chubby!

Canada's got em...

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The UK's got them...

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Wales has em...

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And everyone's got something to say about it!

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Then shamed for not making a jump

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But it’s not just the chubby ones who have a problem!


When squirrels attack, who is to blame?

whensqsattackIn my last squirrel update, I reported on the local squirrel who had attacked multiple people, sending one man to the hospital. Wildlife experts suggest that it’s handfeeding and treating squirrels like pets that causes them to “go nuts” when someone doesn’t give them food!




Like this!!! This shouldn’t be in the “Pets” section of the paper

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More people encouraging bad behavior from squirrels: this VERY cute squirrel launched himself at a camera once chocolate entered the picture. I’ve been known to do the same.

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Rescue corner

There were many reports of squirrel rescue in the last month. This little guy was saved from a flooding storm drain.

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Flooding in St. Louis almost cost one squirrel his life, but a kayaking gentleman gave him a ride on a paddle.

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These folks nursed a sickly baby squirrel back to health, and released him back into the wild.

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And another family helped their rescue baby squirrel get ready for life outside by letting him climb their Christmas tree. Cuteness ensues.

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Dead Squirrels: It’s not pleasant, but it happens. A lot.

Animal control officer loses his job after brutal squishing

A car dealer called for help getting a trapped and scared squirrel out of the building. The animal control officer who came to “help” instead stomped on the squirrel, and tossed the body outside. He has since been fired.

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Squirrel-eating cat

Police were called over a squirrel-eating cat, who was terrifying a 2 year old child with his munching.

Dead squirrel left in yard

Suspicions were on high after a dead squirrel was left in a man’s yard with a note claiming to be from squirrel children, asking that the squirrel get a proper burial.

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Tuxedo Squirrel: Is he dead?

Toronto’s “famous” Tuxedo squirrel, with black fur and distinct white patches is feared dead after the body of a squirrel with similar markings was found on the street.

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We’re Number One! Number one cause of power outages in the US that is.

That's right. If your power has gone out, it's pretty likely a squirrel did it. Some are even calling it Cyber-Terrorism. A new website Cyber Squirrel 1, documents squirrel power outages, as well as outages caused by other wildlfe...including SNAKES?

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Squirrel related power outages were recently reported in Edmond, OK, Nyssa, ID, Fulton, MO, Rogers City, MI, Hampton, VA,Vance, OK, South Forsyth, GA, and Onarga, IL.

This week in cute

Note: the majority of these stories are from Brits. They LOVE their squirrels!

Squirrel photographing bird.

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Bunny vs squirrel: They’ve both got good moves.

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A squirrel makes friends with a snowman.

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A squirrel eats a mince pie. Is that cute?

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Don’t be so sure they are sharing!

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Houses: They’re not just for living in

If you’re a squirrel, they are for eating.

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You can try, but...

you really can’t stop squirrels from stealing from your bird feeder. This squirrel stops at nothing to get at that birdseed.

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Working for a Living

Don’t say that squirrels aren’t hard workers, if only they could drive

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Twiggy’s the water-skiing squirrel is now doing safety training

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He wants his 15 minutes – perhaps this squirrel is looking for a job as a newscaster?

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Squirrel obsession isn’t new

agesThe internet isn't just about cats...people love squirrels too...and that love goes back hundreds of years and permeates various aspects of culture, from art to academe...


Punk squirrels?

blueI really don’t think “blueberry juice” gave this squirrel a blue tail.







and this squirrel was seen "dumpster diving" in Washington State. At one point, that was considered punk I think.


Squirrel controversies

lewistonpetaTo stop squirrels from stealing Christmas light bulbs, PETA offered to provide “squirrel-friendly foods, such as acorns and other nuts.” The city opted for electric shock instead.







A grey squirrel was spotted in a no-grey, red squirrel friendly zone. The controversy: whether or not to shoot him.





How should they kill them? Opponents are worried that air rifles used to shoot squirrels pose a danger to humans.

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Church hosts squirrel hunt, 54K sign a petition. Is it the best way to bring people to Christ?

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