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Dominance: An illusion when it comes to dog-human relationships

domThe always astute John Bradshaw wrote a lovely summary this week as to why trying to assess your relationship with you dog through the lens of a hierarchy is misguided and a possible welfare issue. Read it here!

Could a parrot serve as a witness?

echofascinating story of a parrot who knew too much...while humans have a long history of placing animals on trial, this is a new case questioning whether a talking parrot who had been previously owned by a mob boss could provide court evidence against him. ...continue reading

"Thanks for the ride, lady"

(That's a line from Creepshow 2, in case you don't remember)

Scientists using camera traps with motion sensors weren't surprised to find a variety of animals among the nighttime photos in a South African park. But they were a little surprised to find a tiny mongoose relative, called a genet, using both rhinos and buffalos as a means of transport. The same genet was seen riding on the backs of several animals, in the same evening. Lazy or innovative? Or both?

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