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You study...what?

dogspiesOne of my favorite blogs out there, Dog Spies, comes through just in time for Friday Faves. How people react when you tell them you study...dogs??????? Is that a science?


YES! Animal behavior/cognition is science!

Image via Dog Spies!

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The Dodo is a new website, named after the extinct bird, and focused on the complexities of our relationships with other animals. I'm excited to be a founding member of the Dodo community. There's loads of great reading on the website, including the first installment of a series I am doing on what it means to be a cat person....

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There's also been intense and eye-opening coverage of the dolphin hunt in Taiji, and DogSpies own Julie Hecht summarizes why your dog only LOOKS but doesn't feel guilty.

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That's just the tip of a huge iceberg of fascinating reading! I look forward to seeing what transpires as the Dodo continues to grow and evolve...