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You really can't make this stuff up...here's what's been putting squirrels in the headlines lately...

Squirrel cook off

Squirrels-Unlimited-World-Champion-Squirrel-Cook-OffSquirrels Unlimited isn't a support group for squirrel lovers, or a source of all things squirrels, it's a hunting club. They just announced the details for September's Squirrel Cook-Off. In case you need some time to perfect your recipes, you can read more here.


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There's been a lot of squirrel news recently. I'm here to update you.

Bag a squirrel, cause a school lockdown

A man hunting squirrels apparently caused a school lockdown in South Carolina when people reported seeing a man with a gun. He "bagged" two squirrels, no other injuries reported. More


 Red Squirrel Rising

Red squirrels in the UK appear to be on the rise, even as gray squirrel populations increase. More


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Squirrels are newsmakers! They are in the news ALL THE TIME but you might be missing out. So I present you with "This week in squirrels."

Squirrel buries nut in...dog?

This video has some nice footage of the paw manipulations that squirrels perform when they find a nut, as well as the innate caching sequence behaviors (like digging, pushing (or tamping) the nut in with their teeth), and covering the nut with substrate....oh, wait, Bernese Mountain dog fur works too? Check it out!

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