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I get by with a little help from...mongooses?

Warthogs in Uganda may find themselves being bitten by ticks. A solution? Lie down and let the mongooses climb on them to snack on said ticks. This type of relationship, where both species benefit, is called a mutualism. Read more here.

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Group living necessitates cleanliness

Some insect species are highly social, while others, even if closely related, are not. Scientists recently compared groups of social and asocial ants, bees, wasps, and termites. The more social species had weaker immune systems, but also tend to demonstrate high levels of hygiene and mutual grooming, which may be essential to their survival.

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Ugly and overlooked



A new study shows that conservation efforts in Australia are typically focused on the "good" (aka cute) species, while those most in need, such as native rodents and bats, are overlooked.


This trend is not specific to Australia, as the Ugly Animal Preservation Society has tried to shed light on this problem for years (their motto: "We can't all be pandas")!



Do monkeys mind poop in their food?

In the 1950s, scientists discovered that rhesus macaques in Japan washed their food before they ate it. Recently, other studies have tried to determine if the monkeys really care if their food is dirty. Experimental methods included rolling sweet potato chunks in sand, and placing wheat grains or peanuts on real monkey poo, or fake poo. I won't give away the ending, you should read about it yourself!

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