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This year I was ecstatic that the ISAZ (International Society for Anthrozoology) conference was going to be so close to home and in one of my favorite places - Davis, CA! This conference focuses on human-animal interactions of just about every type you can imagine - from our relationship with pets, animal assisted therapy, education, training, wildlife conservation, and SO MUCH MORE! This was my third time attending, and I got to present some of my research on people's personality traits and their relationship with pets.

This conference is also a great opportunity to connect with amazing folks, talk about research ideas, sow seeds for collaboration, and do a lot of socializing over drinks and food! Plenty of social media representation at the conference - folks like John Bradshaw, Hal Herzog, Carri Westgarth, Molly Crossman  - who you should be following on Twitter if you love learning about our relationship with other animals!

If you couldn't be there, no worries, I've put together a Storify of all the tweets I could find relevant to the conference presentations and events!  If you'd like to check it out...click here!

Last week I was fortunate enough to attend and present my research at the 2015 ISAZ (International Society for Anthrozoology) conference in Saratoga Springs, NY. It was an amazing conference, with research presentations and talks on everything from anthropomorphism, animal-assisted therapy, welfare issues, our relationships with our pets, animal shelter issues, and so much more!

I STORIFIED most of the tweets from the conference, in case you want to read more about what happened. There were many highlights, including John Bradshaw's keynote talk, meeting other folks who are actively promoting science and behavior via social media, and of course talking about almost nothing but animals and research for many days.

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And stay tuned at the ISAZ2015 website, they promised an updated PDF of the program soon, and of course, check out the organization and become a member if you are interested in issues related to human-animal interactions!



Tonight I'm headed back to the east coast...this time to attend and present at the Conference of the  International Society for Anthrozoology (ISAZ) (that's human-animal interactions, yo!). I haven't attended this conference since 2009, so I'm really excited to be back again.

This year's conference features a keynote from one of my fave cat scientists, John Bradshaw; sessions on the history of human-animal interactions, shelters & animal welfare, animal behavior, attitudes toward animals, and animal assisted therapy. My research collaborator and I will be presenting our work developing a scale to measures pet owner's care for their cats.

Sound awesome? Don't worry, I will be live-tweeting as much as I can, and you can follow at #ISAZ2015! And if you'll be there...come say hello!

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