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DNA may bust you for not picking up dog poo

A city in Spain is working with a university to create a database of dog DNA. This database could be used to match abandoned dog poo with the owner who violated standards of good dog ownership by not picking up the poo in the first place.

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Speaking of poo,could it save a cute kangaroo?

The tree kangaroo is at risk of going extinct. They are particularly susceptible to the side effects of the drought, such as eating toxic plants to survive. Little is known about this creature (as opposed to the 'roos that hang on land), but scientists are testing hormone levels in poo to determine reproductive periods and help them increase their population for their captive-breeding program. One joey has hit the pouch so far.

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And speaking of dogs, why you should never clone one

@DogSpies' Julie Hecht takes an in-depth look at the fascinating and disturbing dog-cloning industry and interviews John Woestendiek, author of the book Dogs Inc. Even if you've been tempted, you will think twice after reading this!

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