This week in squirrels, March 24, 2016

Appetite for Destruction

Squirrels turn off the lights

Squirrel related power outages were reported in: Greenfield, WI, Danbury, CT, Muncie, IN, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Tulsa, OK, Glenpool, OK, Lee County, TX, Columbia, SC, and Pinewood, Ontario.

But it’s not just squirrels

Other wildlife may be to blame, including possums, racoons and even the occasional bird that gets into a power substation.

Why do they do it?

Attraction to warmth and lack of traffic (which presents less of an obstacle) are factors that lead squirrels to the wires.

Fire starters

A squirrel started a fire in a garage in Traverse City, MI, losing its life in the process; and burned down a home in South Nashville.

Police blotter

breakinA citizen reported a dead squirrel on their porch - was it a gag?

And in Massachussetts, citizens reported a bagel being thrown at their home, a man walking around with an umbrella, and a squirrel in a piano.

In Northport, NY, it turned out that the destruction in a ransacked home was caused by a squirrel who then died in the house. And in Canada, a squirrel broke into a home, and stepped on the remote to turn on the television.

In Chelmsford, MA, a “squirrel problem” was reported - what does that mean?? And in Swampscott, MA, a citizen called the police to report a sick squirrel in her yard (what is going on in Massachusetts?)

In Texas, a woman was accused of stabbing a squirrel by her neighbors. She ran from police, and was eventually arrested.

Last year, a police officer in Tennessee tried to subdue a squirrel trapped in a Dollar General store by shooting at it. He lost his job for discharging his weapon unsafely. He sued to get his name cleared, but the case was dismissed. For the record, he was able to catch the squirrel and release it outside safely.


Hunting corner

Some like their squirrel with a side of green peas and mashed potatoes.

A teen shot himself while squirrel hunting, and a man shot his friend instead of a squirrel

One man shot at a squirrel who was eating bird seed he'd put out for BIRDS NOT SQUIRRELS, and subsequently put a hole in his neighbor’s window instead.

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A squirrel who was impaled with an arrow will survive thanks to a local animal clinic who treated him.

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And in Minnesota, scientists are fitting squirrels with radio collars to determine the impact of hunting on local squirrel populations.











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