This week in squirrels: Squirrels up to no good

Power problems

poweroutAlthough I’ve been too busy to write about squirrel antics, it doesn’t mean they have been laying around doing nothing! As usual, power outages have been reported all over the country! Squirrels may have knocked out your power recently if you live in the following places: North Maketo, IAComstock Park, MIRedding, CTSpringfield, MAWauwatosa, WIGrand Rapids, MIKinnelon, NJMountain Home, IDKalispell, MTConcord, NHMonroe, CTAshville, NCCape Girardeau, MOMilwaukee, WITalahassee, FLSunnyside, WANew Orleans, LA, and for the third time in one month: Bay City, MI.

Squirrels went international with power outages in Vancouver, and Kelowna, British Columbia as well as in Brazil. And journalists can't get enough of  cyber-squirrel attacks, with recent features about squirrel related power outages in Slate, as well as how independent microgrids limit the damage squirrels can do.

Where there's squirrels, there's fire?

Squirrels don't just ruin your evening of watching baseball, doing laundry, or charging your electronics. They create other problems for humans!

One squirrel started a grass fire in Loveland, CO, while another sparked a heater fire in East Longmeadow, MA. A carport caught on fire in Yakima, WA, and a squirrel was to blame. These fires usually start with some chewing of wires, which squirrels seem to like to do.

A squirrel-related power outage delayed flights in Buffalo, NY. Not to be outdone by the East Coast, in Menlo Park here in CA, there was a recent explosion and power outage in Menlo Park. A body was recovered. A squirrel body, that is.

Squirrels hurt (humans)

“Left pouring with blood”

In the UK, a boy was feeding squirrels when they suddenly jumped on him, sending him to the hospital and leaving him "pouring with blood."

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Now they’re in cahoots?

In New York, one squirrel posed for the camera, while another…attacked the cameraman?

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And getting into dentistry?

In an example of what may be making something more complicated than it needs to be, a man tied his daughter's loose tooth to a piece of granola. A squirrel ensured a visit from the tooth fairy followed shortly thereafter.

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Squirrels cause car accidents


Two children were injured when the driver of the van they were riding in swerved to avoid a squirrel, flipping a van with five people inside.

Another driver went over the edge of a bank to avoid hitting a squirrel, and both passengers in the car required rescue.


Finally, a woman in Warwick, RI blamed a squirrel for her car accident, but turns out it was a DUI.

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Stay tuned for next time: squirrels and crime, squirrel rescue, and the onset of squirrel hunting season...



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