This Week in Squirrels Feb 19, 2014

Berkeley to exterminate ground squirrels

While this isn't the species I study, I'm a big fan of ground squirrels. The problem, is of course, in part caused by humans feeding them; I always have to wonder if there's another way (hawks? dogs?)...You can read about it here

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Bitten by a squirrel? Your doctor has a code for that


When I got bitten by a squirrel (note: this was before I studied them!), the doctor first exclaimed "Oh, you're our second squirrel bite this week!", then asked, "What were you feeding it?" Should you get bitten, this is the code your doctor will report: W53.21 (There are also codes for being injured by a turkey and losing your big toe). Read more about medical codes here


City to hold silent vigil for victims of "squirrel slam"

The city of Holley gets a lot of attention for it's yearly squirrel slam, an event that encourages squirrel hunting. It bums me out, but I would be less upset if all the squirrels were going to be someone's dinner, and they weren't giving away guns as raffle prizes. Some residents of upstate New York will have a silent vigil, a fine form of protest, to honor the squirrels that will die. (Note: I hate it when newspapers talk about squirrels and use a stock photo of a chipmunk!!!)

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Former President James Garfield loved squirrel soup

Speaking of squirrels being someone's dinner, apparently the White House served some about what presidents like to eat and what it might say about their personalities here

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