This week in squirrels Feb 9, 2014

Squirrels are newsmakers! They are in the news ALL THE TIME but you might be missing out. So I present you with "This week in squirrels."

Squirrel buries nut

This video has some nice footage of the paw manipulations that squirrels perform when they find a nut, as well as the innate caching sequence behaviors (like digging, pushing (or tamping) the nut in with their teeth), and covering the nut with substrate....oh, wait, Bernese Mountain dog fur works too? Check it out!

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Russians poaching squirrels...for pets?

Apparently, along with all the other "problems with Russia" right now, poachers are stealing squirrels from parks and then selling them on the internet to meet the heavy demand for pet squirrels. Read more here.

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Squirrels in a photo shoot

There's not much to say, this is just cute.

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Pygmy squirrel lost in the Netherlands

Photo by JJ Harrison via Wikimedia Commons
Photo by JJ Harrison via Wikimedia Commons

This non-native squirrel just found his way with the Dutch, likely an escaped pet. Note: cute as they may be, keeping squirrels as pets IS NOT A GOOD IDEA.

I'm realizing that most of these posts are about pet squirrels...sigh. They are wild animals, and in this case, officials are concerned that this foreigner could become invasive. Read more here





Man mistaken for squirrel in hunting accident?

From my home state! Man claims he was aiming at a squirrel (with a Chinese military rifle with a bayonet attached) in a tree; he missed and shot a man in the head instead. He was also illegally hunting on a Sunday (the Lord frowns on hunting on his day in some states?!?!). Can't make this stuff up.

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