This Week In Squirrels March 17, 2014

There's been a lot of squirrel news recently. I'm here to update you.

Bag a squirrel, cause a school lockdown

A man hunting squirrels apparently caused a school lockdown in South Carolina when people reported seeing a man with a gun. He "bagged" two squirrels, no other injuries reported. More


 Red Squirrel Rising

Red squirrels in the UK appear to be on the rise, even as gray squirrel populations increase. More


Power outages

Squirrel-related power outages were reported in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Squirrels are also responsible for 5% of power outages in Nova Scotia, and it may even affect your power bills. Each squirrel-caused power outage (usually them chewing through wires) can cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair. Read more here.

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And in other squirrel damage

A squirrel has been accused of causing a sewage overflow into Lake Michigan (230,000 gallons) after a power outage at the sewage treatment plant. No report on the squirrel's condition. More


And in politics...

Dogs should be under control, unless there's a squirrel involved

In Colorado, a politician has asked for an exception to the requirement that dogs be under voice command when off-leash, IF they are chasing a squirrel.

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Citizens beg for right to keep killing squirrels

A North Carolina man caused a brouhaha when he shot squirrels to exact revenge on them for eating his bird feeders and digging up his yard. Neighbors complained and the issue is now before the Tarboro city council. The ordinance from 1967 allows the shooting of squirrels for nuisance behavior but specifies that drinking while shooting squirrels is a no-no. More

A squirrel conspiracy? 

Over 81,000 emails asking Berkeley city council members to reconsider the planned eradication of ground squirrels at the Berkeley Marina were labeled as spam and mysteriously disappear from inboxes. Berkeley may be looking into a different plan to control the rodents, whose tunnels may be causing toxins to contaminate the bay. Read about it here

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Ending on a cute note

A family rescued a paralyzed baby squirrel, and built a wheeled prosthesis so she can get around! Sadly, the squirrel died recently, but hopefully she had a happy life with this kind family. More



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