This Week in Squirrels – Memorial Day Edition

Squirrels and crime

A man told a couple that squirrels had damaged their roof and he’d be happy to fix it…just pay up front please! The couple got some cash, the man took it, and needless to say, no squirrels were actually involved.

A squirrel in NYC bit a subway worker when she tried to shoo him away…perhaps the squirrel was late for his train? Paramedics took the worker to the hospital for treatment.

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Several animals, including a gray squirrel, were seized from a couple in Savannah, Georgia. Police had a search warrant, although it’s not clear why.

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From the Marshfield, WI police blotter: A woman called the police when a squirrel fell through a hole in her ceiling. Side note, a man also called the police because his computer had been infected with a virus.

A Tennessee police blotter reports that a concrete squirrel figurine was used to smash a woman’s windshield after a fight, a felony offense. There are several other reports of fights. Tennessee, what’s up?

How the fox squirrel won the west

Fascinating history of how fox squirrels were introduced to California, and have wreaked havoc ever since. I now know that squirrels were introduced to the UC Berkeley campus in 1926…and I want to know more about it!

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Squirrels and schools

Where I grew up, we had snow days off from school. In Lancaster, PA, an elementary school recently had a “squirrel day” when a power outage knocked out power to more than 2000 people.

Not to be outdone, a squirrel in West Virginia closed down FOUR schools, and left 3000 folks without power.

A squirrel in Portland, Maine started a fire at a middle school, resulting in children being sent home for the day, and extending their holiday weekend by a few hours.

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Other power problems

A squirrel in  Coeur d' Alene, Idaho, also left 2566 people in the dark after “taking out” a transformer.

Squirrels also knocked out the power in Massillon, OH.

Rescue corner

A woman saw a “rockchuck” (a marmot) who had been hit by a car. She used her BFF’s wedding dress to scoop the little guy up and take him to wildlife rehab for recovery. The dress did get a little poop on it (I assume from the rockchuck).

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bridgeThe city of Longview in Washington state, has installed their fifth squirrel bridge, which allows squirrels to traverse across heavily trafficked streets without fear of being squished. Note: this year’s Squirrel Fest in Longview, will feature the funk band WAR.



Conservation Corner

India has begun its census of the elusive and shy Giant Squirrel. Folks in Maharashtra will be collecting GPS data for each nest that is sighted, as well as detailing information about whether the nest is in use. The entire survey will take three years to get a sense of the population dynamics of the official state animal.

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Plague alert

Ground squirrels in Idaho have tested positive for the plague.

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This week in cute

A squirrel with an umbrella. Say no more.

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