This week in squirrels August 18, 2014

A festival of squirrels

Where in the world would more than 7000 people gather to celebrate squirrels with music, beer, fireworks, face painting and even a bridge for squirrels to cross the road without getting squished by cars? Longview, Washington, a place I really need to visit one day.

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Squirrel season has begun

For the record, I am a vegetarian and not exactly pro-hunting. But…last year was a mast year for many areas, and squirrel populations are up. Quotes like “it’s a good way to introduce kids to firearms” and “someone is bound to have a good recipe” are not exactly a fast track to my heart.

Change two letters in the word “hunting” and you get…not suitable for work

randyI’ve heard of male squirrels chasing softballs during mating season, thinking they might be a female on the move. This squirrel is now notorious for trying to get it on with a camera. Brings a new meaning to the term “camera trap.” Possibly NSFW!!!

On the subject of cameras…instead of romantic feelings, this squirrel felt a bit aggressive toward this camera. Channeling a little Sean Penn if you will…

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Should rescued squirrels be kept as pets?

petWhat do you think? This woman nursed this little guy back to health, and he’s not suitable for release back into the wild. Should he go to a wildlife facility, or be kept as a pet? The outcome? The woman got a permit to keep wildlife.





Pregnant squirrel trashes home

A couple went on vacation for a week only to come home to a disaster area…caused not by a burglar, but a squirrel who got trapped inside. Damage was estimated at hundreds of dollars, with chewed sofa cushions, and chocolate wrappers all over the floor.

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Squirrel behavior gone awry

buryThis squirrel tried to bury his nuts in a man’s clothing, and another squirrel who was found making a nest in a sheep has been rehabilitated and released into the wild, hopefully to make a proper nest in a tree.





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Speaking of nests

You may want to check your grill before you fire it up, as a company in Edmonton got a flame-filled surprise when they started the company’s yearly BBQ – a squirrel had made a nest inside the corporate grill (does your workplace have its own BBQ grill?!?!). Luckily no one was injured, but apparently it’s a favorite spot for wayward squirrels.

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Sports and squirrels

Yet another squirrel-related delay, this time golf is the victim. The WGC Bridgestone Invitational was interrupted by this frisky guy running across the green.

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Power outages

Recent power outages were reported in Fargo, ND; Marquette, MI; there was an outage in Kittanning, PA, where an electrocuted squirrel tripped a breaker (the squirrel was reported “deceased”); and a squirrel got stuck in an air conditioner and caused a brownout in Stillwater, OK.








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