This Week in Squirrels September 2, 2014

Ground squirrel too tubby; gets stuck in own burrow

Stocking up for the winter is a good thing, unless it's too much of a good thing, as in the case of this ground squirrel. Luckily he was helped out by some passers-by.

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Squirrel flirts with death at NASCAR race

In another "squirrel vs sports" moment, a squirrel almost got squished by sprinting across the racetrack at a recent NASCAR event.

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Hundreds of orphaned baby squirrels need help

If you need a cute fix, read about how the PAWS wildlife rehabilitation center is doing all it can to help orphaned squirrels.

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Squirrel vs Bird Feeder

There is a whole industry (and guidebook) devoted to keeping squirrels out of birdfeeders - and an amazing documentary about it too (Daylight Robbery, brilliant). One couple used Vaseline to some success to keep a rock squirrel out of their feeder:

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hungryAnd this squirrel demonstrates that trying and failing is often better than not trying at all...


Why has the gray squirrel been so successful?

You may have heard about how the gray squirrel is causing problems for the red squirrel in the United Kingdom. The gray squirrel is bigger and they compete for much of the same food and other resources.

This article summarizes a recent scientific study that suggests that part of the reason for the gray squirrel's success in the UK is its lack of predators. Where there are pine martens, there are fewer squirrels. It also addresses the big problem - how has human activity changed ecosystems, setting up situations where some species can succeed but not others? Fascinating.

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Hunting corner

To eat a squirrel's brain, just crack the skull like a walnut...and dive in..."What little there is, is delicious." For the record, I am a vegetarian...

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Slow week in power outages

My news feed only reports one squirrel-related power outage this week - in Petersburg, Virginia.



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