This Week in Squirrels September 9, 2014

Squirrel Drug-Running

A Russian squirrel took off with a baggie of drugs, teens chase, police get can't make this stuff up.

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Does this squirrel dress better than most college students?

Sneezy the campus squirrel has gained notoriety (and much media coverage) for her high tolerance for being dressed in cute outfits. A "squirrel whispering" student at Penn State has even turned this squirrel's cuteness into an enterprise, including a Facebook page with over 25,000 "likes." Is this squirrel-sploitation or just ridiculously cute? Is this putting Berkeley squirrels to shame?

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What does a squirrel nest look like?

One of my fave science bloggers, DN Lee, re-posted this lovely blog about squirrel nests (aka "dreys").

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Squirrel Rescue Corner

Some canoeists saved this little guy from drowning, after he fell from a tree into a river. The squirrel got a ride to shore on a life preserver.

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And this family got busted transporting injured squirrels across state lines. Moral of the story, if you want to rehabilitate injured wildlife, please get a permit.

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Forget octomom - fifty offspring?

Tortoiseshell, a red squirrel "supermom," is helping the red squirrel ward off their threatened status by breeding successfully, year after year. Fifty babies and counting...

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redsqAnd a project involving citizen scientists suggests that the red squirrel population is holding steady, good news for these cute little guys who face being driven out of their territory by their relatives, the highly adaptive gray squirrel.


Power Outages

Sparta, NJ and Washington County, OR experienced squirrel-related loss of power this week. It's the third power outage in the area for Oregon, where "They give up their life for this." But why?

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