This Week in Squirrels February 2, 2015

Dead Squirrels

A shockwave was sent through Britain when a man “photo-bombed” a news report, walking past with a dead squirrel.

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Later it was revealed that the squirrel is part of an upcoming comedy program, featuring comedian Kim Noble. I have to admit I’ve never heard of him, perhaps he is hoping the squirrel will give him his lucky break.

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How to stop squirrels from killing themselves and taking down your power...

Canada takes action to prevent squirrel-caused power outages (which are always fatal to the squirrel)

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...or starting fires

A grass fire was started after a squirrel took down a power line in Missouri, luckily no homes were damaged.

Stuck Squirrels

A squirrel was rescued from fast food bag in Washington DC. Apparently there’s nothing more to the story, I hope this isn’t plagiarism.

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Meanwhile, another squirrel in the UK was stuck in a chimney

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But can squirrels store cars for the winter?

Toyota’s new Aygo car boasts its “eco” parts, which are made from soy and peanut oil, among other ingredients. Turns out these “bio-plastics” are irresistible to hungry squirrels, who have repeatedly gnawed off the rubber trim of one man’s car in London.

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Cute vs Cute: Could the adorbs pine marten be the answer to the UK’s grey squirrel problem?

Since gaining protected status in Ireland, pine marten populations have increased. While the tiny red squirrel can escape the martens, greys, who are heftier and less agile, make a lovely snack for the weasels. Could this be the way to save red squirrels? Of course, like all food webs, it’s complicated, as Scotland is trying to reduce marten populations, because they also eat grouse. Read more here.

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