This Week in Squirrels: August 17, 2015

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Power outages and more

Squirrels caused people to lose their power in Grand Rapids, MI, Topeka, KS,  South Strand, SC, Grand Island, NE, North Fargo, ND, Montreal, and Signal Hill, CA, and just to stick it to the man a little bit more, squirrels took out police surveillance cameras in Newark, MD.


Squirrels…they’re just like us…they can:

Carry a large towel up a tree

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They can hang from their back legs (okay, we can’t do this very well)

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They do handstands!

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They sit on swings

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And sit on even more swings!

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Squirrel abuse

A man started a fire to burn his child’s belongings, apparently also including their pet squirrel. Life never ceases to disturb on many levels.

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A teenager in Russia claimed he shot a squirrel in self-defense after the squirrel bit him while he was feeding it. While the incident caused an uproar and the teen was sentenced to a year in prison, he was granted amnesty.

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Squirrels, cops, and crime

“Timewasters” in Warwickshire in the UK called the police to report a dead squirrel. People are asked to report such calls to the non-emergency number in the future.

A squirrel statue at a golf course in Joplin, MO has been stolen. Residents are sad.

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A dead squirrel and mysterious white powder were found in Jersey City. Turns out the white powder was bleach, but it’s still unknown how the squirrel died.

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A woman swerved her car to avoid hitting a squirrel, instead hitting a mailbox and a telephone pole.  She suffered minor injuries but the squirrel is believed to be fine.

A police officer had to help a citizen chase a squirrel out of their home with a broom. Really? Is that the best way?

Two squirrels fighting set off a burglar alarm in Ohio, bringing the police around to check that everything was okay.

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Disease warning

There are several reasons not to pet wild animals (such as cute squirrels). One is that they may bite you, another is that they carry many diseases. A Colorado ground squirrel recently tested positive for bubonic plague. Unfortunately, fleas can bite the squirrels and then bite humans or other animals…

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Rescue Corner

Was the Secret Service called?

Tree-trimmers at the White House accidentally knocked down a squirrel nest, leaving five newborn squirrels without a mom. The babies were taken into wildlife rescue, where they will be cared for until they can live on their own.

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Baseball interruptions

A squirrel interrupted a Detroit Tigers game not once, but twice (or maybe more?). “The crowd went crazy.”

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Great British Bakeoff: Does that dish have nuts in it?

Apparently a squirrel caused great controversy during the tv show, Great British Bakeoff. They weren’t making a squirrel pot pie; a squirrel hanging around the house where the show is filmed was caught on camera and apparently the size of his testes were cause of much controversy.

Note: may not be suitable for work.

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Is a squirrel smarter than a fifth grader?

atlasWell, maybe? I like to talk about animal intelligence because it has to make us really think about what it means to be intelligent. Dan Nosowitz did a nice job of addressing what makes animals smart and why (and I’m not just saying that because he interviewed me for the article).



This week in weird

Crazy face and cry – I can’t say anything else about this. Except that maybe I am sad this squirrel is a pet.

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Squirrel Fest 2015

Longview, WA: the city with six squirrel bridges to prevent the critters from getting squished in traffic and the city that has a yearly squirrel fest. Why have I not gone to this thing???

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