This Week in Squirrels July 20, 2015

Squirrel attacks

Squirrels world-wide have apparently been on a collective, crazy, aggressive rampage:

Animal control was called to the scene near Kansas City, when three squirrel attacks were reported in one 24-hour period, including one incident that sent a victim to the emergency room.

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A German squirrel was “arrested” for chasing a woman, only to be fed honey and apples once officers realized he was just exhausted.

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Squirrel break-ins

A man in Wales thought his home was being burgled, and left his cup of tea to investigate the source of the sound. He found a squirrel in his kitchen, trying to return to greener pastures.

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drunksquirrelAnother UK squirrel broke into a bar, turning on the taps, drinking beer, eating potato chips and rifling through the cash before being busted by the owner.






Power outages

Squirrel-related power outages were reported in Richmond, VA, Bismarck, ND, Fitchburg, MA, Athol, MA, Northern Ireland, and a squirrel blew a fuse in the UK.

Could squirrels shut down the NYSE?

Yes, and they have…twice.

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Squirrels and Disease

A ground squirrel in the San Diego area tested positive for the plague; in the UK, red squirrels are still being found with deadly squirrelpox – a disease that the invasive gray squirrels carry but do not suffer from; and the three squirrel breeders who died a few months back were apparently exposed to an emergent squirrel bornavirus, which may cause brain inflammation in humans.

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Two of my favorite things: Squirrels and Pizza

Like a true New Yorker, this Park Slope squirrel was seen eating a NY slice, properly folded.

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Squirrels have taste

This squirrel was going “wild” on a Cubs flag; perhaps he knows that the chances of a WS win are slim yet again. Video here.

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Anything that moves

When male squirrels smell a female in estrus, anything that moves is fair game -- including softballs…or a GoPro.

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Predator vs Prey

This ground squirrel freaked out everyone in Texas by munching on a snake

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leopardand a leopard made an amazing leap to chase a squirrel – although there’s no footage of the squirrel!




This week in cute?

I have mixed feelings about Twiggy the water-skiing squirrel, but if that is your bag, here is some GoPro footage of her doing her thing!

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Squirrels and science

Researchers in the UK recently published a new study showing that gray squirrels were quick to figure out a spatial serial-learning task. Here's a video of the experiment!

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