This Week in Squirrels – June 30, 2015

Power Outages

Squirrels are busier than ever, with recent power outages reported in Hingham, MALouisville, KYRoanoke, VALubbock, TXDayton, OHEverett, WAKingston, NHMeriden, CTCollege Station, TX (officials said the squirrel was “electrocuted”), and Piedmont, AL, where the mayor held up the fried squirrel for display.

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Police Blotter

What’s Cooking?

guineapigSomeone called the police to report a man grilling a squirrel in Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Turns out the man wasn't grilling a squirrel (which would have been illegal), but a guinea pig (as long as it's not a park animal, apparently that is A-OK).

Car Trouble

A woman totaled her car swerving to avoid hitting a squirrel. No one was injured.


policedeptA squirrel was caught on camera sneaking into the police department's office in Champaign, Illinois.



Squirrels and Sports

baseballsqSquirrel-related interruptions are back, with a squirrel causing a disruption at the Phillies-Cardinals game recently, even jumping on Phillies' second baseman Chase Utley. Check out the video here for the amazing leap.



Squirrel Trouble

Squirrel Gratitude

This squirrel got stuck in a fence; his only thank you to his rescuer? Biting him.

Fire Starters

Some squirrels built a nest in the ceiling vent of someone's home, triggering a small fire.

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Tree Killers

In what seems like a Darwin-award-worthy twist of fate, squirrels are killing their food sources by stripping trees of their bark. This author thinks it has to do with a mating ritual, which seems highly ironic.

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Taken for a ride

We've heard of a weasel catching a ride from a woodpecker, a raccoon riding an alligator, a crow landing on an eagle, and genets riding buffalo. Continuing the trend of hitching a ride from another species, this squirrel got in a tussle with a woodpecker and took a little trip of his own, and luckily lived to tell about it. Some beautiful photos!


Citizen Science: Calling Floridians

In order to better understand their distribution in the state, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is asking you to report fox squirrel sightings in Florida via their website. You can also notify them of any roadkill fox squirrels you find, so they can take a sample for genetic analysis.

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Spies Like Us

Chipmunks in Canada are wearing the world's tiniest microphones, similar to those used in espionage, to better analyze their vocalizations and behaviors.

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Squirrels and the Arts

A new public sculpture in Toronto features squirrels worshiping a giant acorn.

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Is it art? Or just a joke? RuPaul introduces his new "children's show," Squirrel Friends. May not be suitable for work.


This week in cute

happyA poll determined that a photobombing ground squirrel helped make a photo the "happiest in the world." Why? Scientist Simon Moore has some thoughts about why we like certain photos, including the presence of smiles, cute features and surprises.





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