This Week in Squirrels – June 8, 2015

Human Vs. Squirrel: It’s a Never Ending Battle

Squirrels can get into enough trouble on their own, but somehow, involve a human, and someone is going to get hurt (usually the human)

Someone made the mistake of offering his hand to a squirrel in the Grand Canyon. The squirrel bites him. Then a bunch of other tourists try to pet the same squirrel. Just sayin.’

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This man went to claim his bicycle, only to find a squirrel with the same idea in mind. The squirrel made a go for his GoPro, too.

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And for the second time in a few weeks, a squirrel has “gone wild” in the NY subway system. They must know I'm headed there.

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Don’t feed the squirrels

The red squirrel is endangered and under protection in the UK. Now experts are concerned that those who are trying to care for them (by feeding them) may be spreading the squirrel pox disease due to dirty feeders spreading contagions.

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manBut one local man is upset, and wonders how the population can rebound without his help.







Do you brake for squirrels?

brakeA new ad campaign in the UK is encouraging drivers to slow down and watch out for the red squirrel. While the primary threat to these little guys is the invasive gray squirrel, turns out that a lot of them get squished by vehicles each year.


Well perhaps you shouldn’t

A man caused a four-car collision when he braked to avoid hitting a squirrel crossing the road. No one was hospitalized, including the squirrel, but there were some damaged cars.

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Power Outages

Squirrel-related power outages were reported in Bay City, MI, and Sanford, MI.

Over six thousand folks in Knoxville, TN were left without power thanks to a squirrel, and

somehow a bird AND a squirrel were in cahoots in Topeka, KS, leaving 5000 people in the dark.

Finally, a squirrel was found dead on the sidewalk after it sparked a power outage and a house fire in Franklin, LA.

This week in cute

Twirling squirrels

I admit to having mixed feelings about the Twirl a squirrel – yet every time I see a video of a squirrel stuck on one, I find myself laughing hysterically.

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Want to do your own squirrel photo shoot?

The secret to great squirrel photos? Peanut butter. More tips here!

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The squirrel’s point of view

What if a squirrel had a camera? Perhaps this is the same squirrel that attacked the bicyclist’s GoPro. This squirrel carries a camera up into a tree (does he think it is food?), allowing a lovely (if not, shaky) glimpse into how a squirrel sees the world.

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