This week in squirrels, November 2016 Pt I

Basically, I blink and two months have gone by and I have NOT REPORTED ON SQUIRREL ACTIVITY! In case you'd like to know what I have been up to, some shameless self-reporting here:

feldmanI recently spoke with comedian David Feldman about...cats, cats, and more cats.






And the Berkeley Newscenter recently interviewed me about my research on the food-storing behavior of squirrels.

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The squirrels do not find studying squirrels to be an adequate excuse for not reporting on squirrels.

Power outages

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Squirrel-related power outages were recently reported in Castro Valley, CAChicopee, MASonoma, CAWaltham, MAMidland, MILake Geneva, WIHibbing, MNAthens, GAGrand Haven, MIHartford, CTManitowoc, WI,  Canton, OHMiami County, OHLexington, KYGreat Falls, MTHelena, MTLockport, NYCleveland, OH, and a squirrel caused a fire AND a power outage in Wellington, KS.

Squirrel hunting

Three men in Missouri were busted for exceeding the “bag limit” and hunting over 100 squirrels in one day. “The squirrels are currently being held as evidence…” c’mon guys, give the squirrels a chance! The hunting limit is currently 10 per day.

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Bad aim

A man broke his neighbor’s window when he shot at a squirrel, demonstrating terrible aim; and a woman in Florida was shooting her BB gun at squirrels when bullets ricocheted and broke a neighbor's window.

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Don't mind me, just hunting squirrels

Four schools in Minnesota were shut down due to an “active shooter” – who turned out to be actively shooting squirrels, not humans; and the same thing happened in Macon, GA. A man in Lincoln, NE was arrested for both discharging a weapon and animal cruelty after trying to hunt squirrels with a slingshot. A man in Bellefontaine, OH was charged with shooting a squirrel within city limits, where hunting is prohibited.

Squirrel hunting isn't all fun and games

Sadly, a man in El Dorado County, CA shot and killed his wife while hunting squirrels. In Lincoln, Nebraska, a man tried to shoot a squirrel and instead shot his friend in the thigh.

Eating squirrels

harryFor the record, I am a vegetarian and don't condone eating squirrels.

It calls for “Squirrel Hindquarters”

Marinate the squirrels in buttermilk for at least 30 minutes before cooking.”

Harry Connick Jr was subjected to the "silent treatment" for three days after he tricked his wife into eating squirrel. She thought it was chicken.


Squirrels and politics

kamikazeJust weeks after an impassioned speech about the local squirrel menace, Chicago City Council member Howard Brookins was attacked by a squirrel while riding his bike. The squirrel died, and Mr Brookins broke his nose, fractured his skull and lost several teeth.


In these times, do we need patriotic squirrels?

patriotPeople are going nuts for this GIF made from images of a squirrel who was trained to hold an American flag in the 1950s.






Science corner

New research on ground squirrels in Africa suggests that they use the sun as a compass when burying nuts – either heading directly toward or away from the sun before burying a peanut. The squirrels tended to retrieve the nuts approximately 24 hours later, when the sun was in a similar position.

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Another study showed that male squirrels were lazy, spending more time basking in the sun than female squirrels…and thus more likely to be eaten by a predator, while the females were busy gather nuts and caring for offspring.

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Squirrels and sports

The Packers lost the game, but that didn't stop people from "going nuts" for the squirrel who ran into the endzone in the third quarter.

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'Tis the season of giving

If you're loaded and having a hard time thinking of a holiday gift, how about some overpriced beer packaged in a dead squirrel?? I can't make this s*&t up!!!

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Squirrels and food

squirrels are omnivorous and in addition to seeds and nuts, enjoy bird eggs, insects, mushrooms, and tree bark. They also seem to love


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and ice cream


I couldn't fit all the squirrel news into one post, so stay tuned for Part 2 on Friday (12/2), when I will bring you SQUIRRELS AND CRIME, This week in cute, squirrel photobombs, and squirrel rescue!

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